mirko  di giacomantonio


Chef Mirko  is a native of the small coastal town of Tortoreto, Italy located in the region of Abruzzi. Surrounded by food his entire life, Mirko learned to cook by watching his maternal grandmother, Rosa (who he lovingly refers to as "Noni") work tirelessly in the family kitchen. Mirko saw Noni prepare food everyday for many family and friends…He learned "how to" cook, but more importantly, Noni imparted to him the "love" that is embodied in freshly prepared food placed in the center of a table.

Prior to opening Mirko Pasta, Mirko worked as a chef and as a manager in numerous restaurants in Italy, Belgium, Germany, Romania, and the United States. The first fast, casual Italian concept in which Mirko was involved with in the U.S. was Figo Pasta launched in Atlanta, 2001. He was later attracted to the more refreshing, leisurely paced area of Athens, GA, and after moving to Athens, he soon discovered that the quaint city and surrounding community would be the perfect setting for a new vision of his, Mirko Pasta.

Mirko sums it up best: "When people come to Mirko Pasta, I want them to feel like I felt when I went to my grandma’s house"...enjoying a delicious meal served up with love in an environment filled with enthusiasm, joy and passion.